A story of belonging


It’s 2,5 year now that our fosterchild is living with us. When I write or speak about him, I call him Rainbowprince to protect him in public space. Rainbowprince is his name because of his creative autistic brains.  It’s just that, that makes him so special and unique. It’s a great blessing to be able to take care of this  child. Day after day he tells me his stories, his ideas and asks me questions.

This morning he asked me:

– I am the Rainbowprince, are you the Rainbow?

I was  deeply touched by this sign of belonging. And I was impressed by called ‘rainbow’. The next moment He said;  and Egbert? Is Egbert the rainbowbird? YES ! He is. ANd YES, We’re definitely a family.

Thank you my little Rainbowprince for everything you give!



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